412 Food Rescue Volunteer Waiver

LIABILITY WAIVER: I want to volunteer for 412 Food Rescue and recognize that doing so could present potential hazards including but not limited to: cuts, burns, slips, falls, allergic reactions and other injuries as a result of activities, products and equipment used. I release 412 Food Rescue, its agents, representatives, employees, other volunteers and any sponsors of the organization for any and all damages, causes of action, claims and liability that might arise from my participation in volunteering. I further acknowledge that I am at least 16 years of age.
AGREEMENT FOR NON-COMPENSATED SERVICES: I hereby volunteer my services to 412 Food Rescue. I agree to abide by all relevant policies and procedures and to perform the volunteer services in a safe, responsible manner. 412 Food Rescue shall not be responsible for, or liable for, nor shall the applicant be eligible to receive, any compensation or benefits as a result of this Agreement. I have entered into my volunteer relationship with 412 Food Rescue voluntarily and acknowledge there is no specified length of volunteering. Accordingly, either 412 Food Rescue or I can terminate the relationship at will, with or without cause, at any time. Although some or all of the policies and procedures may have been explained to me verbally, I understand that it is my responsibility to fully read and comply with the policies contained in this handbook and any revisions made to it.
MEDIA RELEASE: I consent to and allow any use and reproduction by 412 Food Rescue of any and all photographs or videotapes taken of me during my participation with their programming. I understand that 412 Food Rescue will own the photographs and videotape and the right to use or reproduce such photographs and videotape in any media, as well as the right to edit them or prepare derivative works for the purposes of promotion, advertising, and public relations. I hereby consent to 412 Food Rescue’s use of my name, likeness or voice, and I agree that such use will not result in any liability for payment to any person or organization, including myself.
AGREEMENT FOR INDIVIDUAL VOLUNTEER SERVICE PURPOSE: The purpose of this Agreement is to create an understanding between the organization and the volunteer. This Agreement shall apply to persons voluntarily performing non-compensated services for 412 Food Rescue.
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