Good Food Project

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At the Good Food Project, we stabilize bulk food donations into grocery bags of food and ready to eat meals to increase food access.

412 Food Rescue’s Good Food Project is located inside the Food & Energy Hub in Millvale. In this unique, shared space we transform surplus foods into healthy, heat-and-eat meals and grocery bags of nutritious food to be distributed to neighbors experiencing food insecurity.

Kitchen Prep

In response to large volume donations of fresh food to 412 Food Rescue, the Good Food Project was born in 2019. Helmed by Chef Greg Austin in our Zero Waste Kitchen, we stabilize and transform surplus food into healthy, frozen meals. Using the MyPlate model as a guide, our meals provide nutritious-rich and delicious meals that are prepared and delivered with dignity. Each meal is housed in compostable packing and is made up of recovered, good food which would have otherwise ended up in a landfill.

Get Involved: Up to three people at a time can volunteer. No formal kitchen training is required.

  • Monday through Thursday 10am-3pm
  • Friday 10am-2pm

Grocery Bagging Program

Launched in October of 2021, the Grocery Bagging Program, in partnership with the Housing Authority of City of Pittsburgh leverages large donations of fresh, frozen, and non-perishable items from donors like Gordon Food Services to provide nutrition assistance to communities experiencing food insecurity. After repackaging bulk foods into individual servings, over 500 grocery bags are packed and loaded onto our truck each week to be distributed over various HACP locations.

Get Involved: Up to eight people at a time can volunteer. Participants MUST be able to lift ~25 lbs.

  • Tuesday 12pm-4pm
  • Wednesday 10am-1:30pm

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About the Millvale Food + Energy Hub

412 Food Rescue’s Good Food Project found a home at 112 East Sherman Street in 2019 via the reformed Moose Lodge. The building is a living showcase of collaboration as it houses several non-profit partners: Owned by New Sun Rising and shared by Sprezzatura Cafe & Catering, Fracktracker, and The Food Trust, the building displays a community kitchen, cafe, event, and training space powered through solar energy. 

Inside, The Good Food Project works to further 412 Food Rescues sustainability goals by maintaining a zero-waste status through the help of tools like Leanpath, a tracking and measurement-focused technology solution that compiles and analyzes data to illuminate an operation’s food waste stream. While Leanpath works with thousands of kitchens around the world, the Good Food Project application is trend-setting as it starts out with surplus food, using ingredients that would otherwise have gone to waste.

This tracking program allows for data-informed decisions and goal setting to acutely target areas of need and respond promptly. To further reduce any building waste, Zero Waste Wrangler is incorporated to meet any composting needs and actualize a low-impact operation.