412 Food Rescue’s Ameesh Kapoor Honored at 2022 Pittsburgh Smart 50 Awards

By October 27, 2022November 23rd, 2022Media

Congratulations to our own Head of Engineering, Ameesh Kapoor, for being named one of Smart Business Network‘s top leaders in their 2022 Pittsburgh Smart 50 Awards!

“The Pittsburgh Smart 50 Awards recognize the top leaders of the smartest companies in the Greater Pittsburgh region for their ability to effectively build and lead successful organizations.

Ameesh Kapoor is head of engineering for 412 Food Rescue’s innovative and essential tech platform, Food Rescue Hero. The leadership team is highly collaborative and works with trust in each person’s strengths, insights and skillset.

The tech platform and app are disrupting a food assistance system that hasn’t been meaningfully updated in decades. Through the app, volunteer drivers are alerted when surplus food is available at a restaurant, grocery store, catered event, cafeteria, etc. When volunteers accept the rescue, (typically within 10 minutes), the app guides them to the pick-up location, provides directions for how to pick up the food and navigates to the delivery location. Many rescues are completed within one hour, and food that would otherwise go to waste can be consumed the same day.”

We’re so proud of the impact we’re able to have on the Greater Pittsburgh community through the hard work of our staff, volunteers, and network of supporters (like you!) 💛🖤