Lawrenceville Community Takeout

Help feed hungry neighbors while supporting District 8 restaurants through COVID-19.

412 Food Rescue is a (501)(c)(3) charitable nonprofit organization that depends on support from individuals like you to deliver our mission to end food waste and feed those who are hungry. We appreciate your generosity.

Why Community Takeout?

The program’s goal is to support restaurants through this crisis by providing compensation for restaurant workers to create single-serve meals that we will then distribute to families in need. We are starting the program with five restaurants and hope to grow to more as funding allows.

How it Works:

Community Takeout is powered by your donations. Every $10 contribution goes directly to purchasing a meal from a local restaurant that will then be delivered to community members who are food insecure.

For every $10 donated:

  • $8 goes to the restaurant preparing the meal
  • $2 goes toward logistics, delivery, and program coordination

Please use the form below to make a contribution to Lawrenceville Community Takeout.