Committed to introducing innovative solutions to scale food recovery in urban regions.

412 Food Rescue’s portfolio of food recovery initiatives ranges from building technology and logistics infrastructure to creating new markets for products that redirect good food from feeding landfills to feeding people.

Food Rescue

We work with food retailers to prevent surplus food from going to waste. Transported by a growing network of volunteers, 412 Food Rescue directly transfers food to nonprofit partners that serve those who are food insecure.

Food Rescue Hero

Our technology platform is an end-to-end system that matches food donations to the appropriate nonprofits, coordinates a last-mile transportation network of volunteers, trains volunteers on food safety and tracks data and analytics–measuring impact on hunger and the environment.

Ugly CSA

Creates new markets for farmers via a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program for previously unsellable fruits and vegetables.

Hidden Harvest

Gleans from unharvested public and private city trees, orchards and urban farms.

Food Education

Educates consumers on how to prevent food waste at home via a food education program that teaches cooking skills and advocacy initiatives that raise awareness.

Product Innovation

We launch innovative products from food that would otherwise be wasted.