We’re creating new markets for local farmers + sharing access to farm-fresh produce with our communities.

Formerly known as UglyCSA, subscribers can purchase a share to receive a weekly bag of local produce for 10 weeks during peak growing season (July-September). 

In 2024, we’re opening up the opportunity to sponsor a share, encouraging businesses and corporations to directly contribute to the fight against hunger. Sponsored shares are a way to pay forward the 10 weeks of farm-fresh local produce–directly supporting local communities, local agriculture, and 412 Food Rescue!

*Sales are closed for the 2024 season!*

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What happened to UglyCSA?

After running the UglyCSA program for six years and taking a hiatus in 2023, we wanted to try something new: but don’t worry, subscribers can still purchase shares to enjoy throughout the season!

If you’re looking to purchase a share just like you have in the past, please follow the “Buy A Share” link.

As always, purchasing a weekly produce bag ahead of peak growing season helps farmers by securing a market for more of their harvest, which in turn mitigates wasting of food and the resources used to grow it!

What is FarmShare?

We love providing CSA subscribers with great seasonal produce! At 412 Food Rescue, we are always looking to end food waste AND open doors to food access; which is why we are adding the option to sponsor a share. By choosing to sponsor a share, individuals, small businesses and corporations can directly help 412 Food Rescue serve our communities with local-grown, nutritious foods.

What is a sponsored share?

Imagine the difference that 2500 lbs of fresh, local produce delivered weekly could make in any community!

Sponsored shares are those that buyers have decided to donate, instead of purchase. Otherwise, these shares are identical to purchased shares, right down to the same great produce!

412 Food Rescue will deliver these sponsored shares directly into local communities facing barriers to food access, connecting them with farm fresh foods through peak harvest season!

For the 2024 season, this means that availability of shares will be split between subscribers and sponsors. There will be 250 shares available to purchase, and 250 available for sponsorship; so please secure your subscriptions soon! 

What's in a weekly share?

Recipients can expect a variety of fruits and vegetables ripe for harvest locally. Expect summer staples like juicy peaches, ripe tomatoes, and fresh corn at the start of the program. Six weeks in, the produce shifts to fall favorites like crisp apples, plump pears, and savory squash. We always balance out seasonal items with pantry staples like potatoes, onions, greens, and more!

Each share will include 10 pounds on average of fruits and veggies packed into a standard brown paper bag. Subscribers will receive an email every Monday previewing the items to be packed on Wednesday so you can plan ahead.

Where does the food come from?

412 Food Rescue works with longtime partner Isidore Foods to source our locally grown produce. Based in Bethel Park, Isidore Foods works with small family farms no further than 175 miles from Pittsburgh. Learn more about the farms here.

Will my produce be “ugly” or misshapen?

Not at all! Our friends at Isidore Foods will source some “seconds” from local growers. These fruits and veggies may be considered unsalable to major retailers because the batch is too small, the sizing does not align with industry ideals, or simply because the demand is low.

How will I receive my share?

For purchased shares, 412 Food Rescue is partnering with ten local businesses to provide convenient pick-up locations in the Pittsburgh area. When purchasing your share, please select the neighborhood most accessible to your home or office.

 *Please note: Business partners are not required to hold shares overnight so please pick up by end-of-day Wednesday.

Subscribers of purchased shares may also designate an alternate contact in the payment form to grant a family member, roommate, or friend permission to pick-up the shares on your behalf.

Where do sponsored shares go?

Shares that have been donated will be packaged and distributed just like shares that have been purchased. 412 Food rescue will utilize our network of local non-profit partner organizations to act as pick-up sites for individuals and families receiving shares. Sponsors and subscribers alike will receive impact reports in our newsletters!

What does the cost of my share go towards?

In 2024, a $260 share works out to $26 a week. ~61% of your total purchase covers the cost of fruits and vegetables sourced by Isidore Foods. Less than 1% of your payment covers credit card processing fees and transportation. The remaining 38% supports operations at 412 Food Rescue such as program supplies, labor, and transportation. 

Is this a more sustainable option than visiting my local grocery store?

Yes! Did you know that the average piece of produce in the U.S. travels 1,500 miles? Local food typically travels 100 miles or less, reducing CO2 emissions significantly. Each share sold saves approximately 100 lbs of good food and 1400 gallons of water! We’ve also eliminated single-use plastics from our packing and transportation.

Can I volunteer with this program?

Absolutely! Every week, we need 8-12 volunteers to help pack produce into individual shares. This volunteering opportunity is open to both groups and individuals! Email volunteer@412foodrescue.org for more info.

How else can I support 412 Food Rescue?

412 Food Rescue is committed to bridging the gap between food waste and food insecurity in the Pittsburgh area. You can tangibly support our hunger relief efforts by volunteering as a #FoodRescueHero. Download the 412 Food Rescue app to be notified of surplus food donations available at local grocery stores and restaurants. We match the food donation to a nearby nonprofit serving neighbors burdened by hunger and rely on volunteers to transport these small, perishable goods in their personal vehicle. A little drive goes a long way to show kindness to our neighbors and our planet!

What your bag could look like:

I just wanted to say thank you for an amazing first box. We’re blown away by the quality and variety of produce. We’ve had other CSAs before, but this is our first season with 412 Food Rescue. Thanks so much for everything you do.

Andrea S.Pittsburgh