Innovative Products from Surplus Food

412 Food Rescue creates innovative products from food that would otherwise be wasted. In 2016, we launched LOAF – craft beer from surplus bread in collaboration with East End Brewing and FORAGED – pommeau liqueur from rescued apples in collaboration with Wigle Whiskey. 

In 2017, we collaborated with Millie’s Homemade Ice Cream to create Lemon Mulberry Reserve, a creamy creation featuring harvested mulberries from city trees through our Hidden Harvest program. In 2018, we launched 412 City Cider with Threadbare utilizing foraged apples as well as Rescueberry Shake, a brewed collaboration with East End Brewing featuring rescued fruit.

We look forward to expanding our portfolio of products from food waste in 2019 – impacting our organization’s sustainability and raising awareness for our mission.

A bottle of Foraged pommeau and a growler of Loaf beer