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Our volunteers are our personal heroes. And they make our work happen. With the 412 Food Rescue app, you can volunteer as much or as little as you’d like. You can claim a weekly rescue that allows you to volunteer every week at the same time. Or, you can claim one-time rescues that are more unpredictable.

Regardless, you can give back when it fits best into your schedule. And for whatever you do, we thank you. 

Food Rescue Hero app

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Download the 412 Food Rescue app on iOS or Android and sign up to be a food rescue hero! Once you complete 3 rescues, you’ll be invited to take our mobile food safety training quiz to keep rescuing.

Donate Food

No matter how big or small, every donation partner makes an impact.

Our donor partners range from large food distributors to small mom-and-pop stores, restaurant chains, urban farms and even other nonprofits!

Have surplus food that you’d like to donate? Complete our food donation intake form below!

Hosting a Catered Event?

Make your extra food go extra far. Learn more about food donation requirements below.

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