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Act Now to Comply with

California's SB 1383

with Food Rescue Hero®

Effective January 1, 2022, California State Bill 1383 requires commercial food waste producers to donate 20% of edible surplus food, in support of ongoing efforts to reduce the amount of food going into landfills.

Not sure where to start?

Food Rescue Hero is ready to help you comply with the new California State Bill 1383

Food Rescue Hero is a solution for jurisdictions, food recovery organizations and food donors that will help you meet your obligations under this new law.


"Jurisdictions must establish food recovery programs and strengthen their existing food recovery networks."

Food Rescue Hero can provide jurisdictions with immediate operational advice and support. We are ready to help you establish food recovery in your area that will be equipped to report & scale in order to comply with SB 1383. From our our start-up guide to ongoing coaching and support, partner organizations gain access to live data and reporting as well as reliable support for food recovery in your community.

Food Recovery Organizations

"Food recovery organizations and services that participate in SB 1383 must maintain records."

Food Rescue Hero demonstrates reliable, scalable reporting to satisfy the requirements of SB 1383.  Partnering with Food Rescue Hero likewise gives access to live data collection making SB 1383 tracking requirements for recovery and reporting turnkey.

Food Donors

"Food donors must arrange to recover the maximum amount of their edible food that would otherwise go to landfills."

Network wide, our 16+ partners have a 99% success rate for food pick ups. No other solution can offer this reliability, so you can feel confident in meeting SB 1383 requirements.

Partnering with a Food Rescue Hero supported organization means you have access to reliable, repeatable and reportable food donation solutions.

Through our network of 16 U.S. and Canadian cities, we're reducing food waste + feeding our communities through logistics technology.


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