Thank you for donating food to 412 Food Rescue!

Remember to follow these guidelines when preparing your surplus food for pick-up:


  1. Follow Time/Temperature Guidelines
    Keep cold food below 41º and hot food above 135º. 
  2. Safe food handling/RTE bare-handed contact
    Handle all ready-to-eat food with a barrier device like gloves or tongs.
  3. Labeling of prepared food
    Label prepared food items and include any of the 9 common potential allergens.
  4. Do’s/Don’ts about food quality
    Please share wholesome and safe food. If food appears to be rotted, containers are open, or there are other questionable items, please skip them.

For seamless pick-up, make sure donations are divided into easy to handle boxes, bags or totes.

Need help? No donation? Larger donation than usual?
Just call our dispatch line: (412) 277-3831

Thanks to our dedicated food donors!