40% of the
food produced
gets wasted.

412 Food Rescue prevents perfectly good
food from entering the waste stream.


We fight

412 Food Rescue redirects fresh, healthy
food from going to landfills to serving
those who are food insecure.


We promote

Rescuing surplus food
preserves the resources that go
into food production and
prevents greenhouse gas impact
in landfills.


412 Food Rescue creates programs and infrastructure designed to scale and replicate food recovery in urban regions.

You can help end food waste.

Download our app, sign up to volunteer and help end hunger.

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lbs. surplus food rescued
in CO2 emissions

Innovative Programs

Ugly CSA

Creates new markets for farmers via a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program for previously unsellable fruits and vegetables.

Hidden Harvest

Gleans from unharvested public and private city trees, orchards and urban gardens.

Food Education

Educates consumers on how to prevent food waste at home through programs that teach cooking skills and advocacy initiatives that raise awareness.

Product Innovation

We launch innovative products from food that would otherwise be wasted.

Food Rescue Heroes

Featured Donor: East End Food Co-op

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Paul Jackson holding a pineapple

Featured Volunteer: Paul Jackson

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Hear from Paul Jackson, a devoted #foodrescuehero, about his experiences reducing #foodwaste and #hunger in #Pittsburgh! How did you first learn about 412 Food Rescue? I was talking with a...

Featured Partner: CHP Family Care Connection

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Hear from Danielle Williams, CHP Family Care Connection health coach, about her work and how her organization is connected to 412 Food Rescue! What does your organization do? A List...

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