Gordon Food Service donates 2.5 tons of surplus from Pittsburgh food show

By April 19, 2024Article

On April 10th, 412 Food Rescue rescued 5,760 lbs of food from the annual Gordon Food Service’s Food Show at the David Lawrence Convention Center

Every year, Gordon Food Service hosts annual Food Shows around the country for individuals working in the foodservice industry. Vendors set up to showcase sample food, new ideas and explore technology solutions.

Since 2019, 412 Food Rescue has partnered with Gordon Food Service to rescue surplus food from vendors at the commencement of the event. 

412 Food Rescue team members, along with 12 amazing volunteers, went around the event space after the Food Show to rescue surplus food from the hundreds of vendors present that day! 5,760 lbs of surplus food–predominantly made up of meat, produce, prepared foods, and baked goods–was loaded onto 412 Food Rescue fleet trucks for distribution throughout the Pittsburgh community.

412 Food Rescue’s fleet worked late into the night to deliver food to eight nonprofit partners in the Greater Pittsburgh area including Project Destiny, West Park Courts, United Somali Bantu of Greater Pittsburgh, an HACP site, Light of Life Ministries, Lloyd McBride Court, CARE412, and The Good Food Project.

Last year, 412 Food Rescue rescued 4,608 lbs from the 2023 Gordon Food Services Food Show – making this year a 25% increase in food rescued and redistributed compared to 2023!

“The Gordon Food Show exemplifies the power of teamwork, bringing together diverse stakeholders to make a tangible impact. By rescuing over two tons of food we are making a significant impact and demonstrating the immense potential for positive change when we work together.”

Kristie AbercrombieDirector of Logistics, 412 Food Rescue

A big thank you to all the volunteers who signed up to help collect all the surplus food and pack the truck, to the participating vendors who donated their surplus, and to Gordon Food Services for inviting us back to this year’s event! 

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