Prevent perfectly good food from going to waste.


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Download the 412 Food Rescue app:

iPhone with the Food Rescue Hero app

Register for food rescue notifications

Join the fastest growing and largest community of volunteers, download our app and turn on notifications to get an alert when a food rescue is available to claim.

Find a food rescue nearby

Claim a rescue route that works for your schedule, available daily and weekly - in as little as 30 minutes you'll pick up and deliver fresh, nutritious food.

Feed people, not landfills

One food rescue at a time delivers fresh food to nonprofits who serve our neighbors experiencing food insecurity, and makes a huge impact on our community.

We fight food waste:

Up to 40% of food that is produced is wasted.

We fight hunger:

1 in 7 people goes hungry every day.

We protect the environment:

Food waste generates the most toxic greenhouse gas in landfills.

Project Stats


lbs. of surplus food rescued


meals provided


lbs. of CO2 mitigated

Alongside our amazing volunteers, known as Food Rescue Heroes - together we are transforming the communities all around us.

BNY Mellon staff at a volunteer event

See how it works.

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2020 World Changing Idea Award Winner

Fast Company

Chances are, all that leftover food from your office party or wedding might end up in a dumpster—and eventually the landfill. Unless a hero swoops in.