The Pittsburgh Riverhounds’ goalkeeper, Eric Dick, is making a significant impact both on and off the field this season through his participation in the new Hounds Play For Change initiative. This initiative allows fans to contribute to causes close to the players’ hearts with every ticket purchased, reinforcing the strong bond between sports and community service. 

Eric has chosen 412 Food Rescue as one of the three incredible organizations to support, alongside The Children’s Home & Lemieux Family Center and Special Olympics of Western Pennsylvania.

“I could not be more excited to partner with an amazing organization like 412 Food Rescue. Ever since I was a little kid my parents instilled upon me and my two sisters the importance of giving back and just spreading happiness and help to others. That’s a lesson that I’ve tried my very best to prioritize throughout life and throughout my career so far as a soccer player.”

For every Riverhounds ticket purchased using this link, $5 will be donated to one of these three charities. Additionally, Eric has pledged to donate $10 to each organization for every Riverhounds win moving forward.

Why 412 Food Rescue?

412 Food Rescue is an organization dedicated to preventing perfectly good food from entering the waste stream by redirecting it to those in need. Founded in 2015, the organization has quickly grown into a critical resource for combating food waste and increasing food access in the Pittsburgh region, having registered over 22,000 volunteers and rescuing over 32 million pounds of surplus food—the equivalent of 26 million meals—mitigating 62 million pounds of CO2 emissions in the process.

“If I can make one person smile or make their day better, then that’s one more person that has one less worry and that can then go and do the same to others. Most of the time we don’t even know who needs help and how much help one simple act will bring.

To this point, I have always had a distaste for seeing or simply thinking about people being hungry or struggling for food. It makes no sense to me. No one should have to deal with this, especially with how much food this world has access to.”

Eric’s support is not only a testament to his commitment to the Pittsburgh community but also aligns with a recent partnership between 412 Food Rescue and the Riverhounds’ stadium. In May 2024, Highmark Stadium was added to the long list of retail food donors in the Food Rescue Hero Western, PA network. This partnership, facilitated by Sodexo, ensures that surplus food from the stadium is redirected to people experiencing food insecurity instead of the landfill. During their first 3 months, they donated a total of 435 lbs of food! More details about this partnership can be found in this article, including volunteer opportunities.

“When I came to Pittsburgh and saw this amazing organization taking food that would otherwise go to waste and delivering it to nonprofits that feed those in need, I had to be a part. It just makes too much sense, should be everywhere and I want to help not only volunteer my time but platform as well to help spread awareness about how EVERYONE can help. 412 Food Rescue is changing lives and bringing peace to families across Pittsburgh and I am so excited to continue to learn and get involved,” Eric adds.

This partnership and Eric’s commitment to supporting local nonprofits underscore the powerful role that sports can play in community engagement and social responsibility. By choosing 412 Food Rescue, Eric is helping to ensure that surplus food reaches those who need it most, demonstrating the profound impact that individual and collective actions can have on our neighbors and the environment.

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