Food Rescue Hero

412 Food Rescue’s technology platform, also known as “Food Rescue Hero,” is an end-to-end system that matches food donations to the appropriate nonprofits, coordinates a last-mile transportation network of volunteers, trains volunteers on food safety and tracks data and analytics–measuring impact on hunger and the environment.

Currently available in the Greater Pittsburgh Region, we are working to make our technology available to nonprofits in other cities. If you are looking to start or scale food rescue in your region and would like more information, please contact us.

Food Rescue Hero

The first phase of our platform was released in November 2016. The Food Rescue Hero app (iOS and Android) provides a simple, intuitive tool for our network volunteers who transport food from our food donors to our nonprofit partners. Once we have made a “match” between a food donation and a nonprofit who would like to receive it, the app alerts volunteers of the available “rescue.” The app allows our #foodrescueheroes to view nearby “rescue” opportunities and opt for the one that is right for them.  The app guides the volunteers through the rescue, provides built-in navigation, delivery verification, and social media tools, so volunteers can easily complete their rescue and help spread the word about 412 Food Rescue.

Use our Platform

The second phase of Food Rescue Hero will be released in 2019 and incorporate interfaces for our food donors and nonprofit partners as well as impact measurement tools.

We welcome other cities and food recovery organizations to use our platform. Please email us if you are interested in expanding food recovery in your region!