Ugly CSA

Carrots with visible imperfections

Creates new markets for previously unsellable produce—benefiting local farmers and preserving the resources that went into food production.

For 12 weeks during peak growing season (July–September), subscribers receive a weekly box of “ugly” produce and locally sourced items. Purchasing just one UglyCSA share saves approximately 180 lbs of good food and 2,450 gallons of water, equivalent to enough drinking water for 13 people for an entire year!

Ugly CSA

About Ugly CSA

UglyCSA directly benefits 412 Food Rescue’s mission of keeping perfectly good food out of the waste stream.

Each year, 10 million pounds of food is wasted on farms – food is deemed unsellable because it does not meet cosmetic standards or is glut produce that the farmer cannot harvest or sell. Food waste at farms wastes not only the food itself, but also the resources that was used to grow it.

Did you know? 20% of all of the water we use is for growing food that we will never eat.

Buy Your UglyCSA

I just wanted to say thank you for an amazing first box. We’re blown away by the quality and variety of produce. We’ve had other CSAs before, but this is our first season with 412 Food Rescue. Thanks so much for everything you do.

Andrea S.Pittsburgh