Creating new markets

Each year, 10 million pounds of food is wasted at farms for many reasons – some items are deemed unsellable because they do not meet cosmetic standards, some are glut produce that the farmer cannot harvest or sell.

Food waste at farms wastes not only the food itself but also the resources that were used to grow them.

20% of all of the water we use is for growing food that we will never eat. Your purchase of just 1 UglyCSA share saves ~1,350 gallons of water, equivalent to enough drinking water for seven people for an entire year!

Through 412 Food Rescue’s UglyCSA program, we create new markets for previously unsellable produce – benefiting farmers and preserving the resources that went into food production.

In partnership with Penn’s Corner Farm Alliance, we launched our UglyCSA program in 2016. In 2017, we tripled our shareholders and provided specialty local products such as maple syrup, organic bar soap, and tea. This year, we are offering more pick up points and more shares are available.

This season, you can help #endfoodwaste, eat local, and be healthy. Get your UglyCSA TODAY!

Check out photos of some of our 2018 UglyCSA shares below:

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2018 Ugly CSA Season 3 is HERE!

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  • IT'S HERE! Sign up for 12 weeks of "ugly" produce and special products from local vendors! • Dates: Every Wednesday from July 11th - September 26th. Cost: $240/12 weeks, plus $10 processing fee.* Pickup Neighborhoods: East Liberty, Sharpsburg, Millvale, Greenfield, South Hills, North Side, Lawrenceville (You will receive a confirmed pickup address once you have signed up and paid in full). • Customers using SNAP/EBT must pickup their shares from our office in East Liberty (this option is not available for other customers at this time). If you are paying using SNAP, please email for your coupon code that you can use at checkout. • *Note: Unless you are paying with SNAP, we do not offer a payment plan at this time.
  • Please choose a pickup location that works best for you! Pickup locations were chosen based on a survey of our previous Ugly CSA subscribers and our 2018 waitlist. For privacy, exact addresses for private residences will be emailed to you once you have signed up. All pickup times go into the evenings to account for traditional work hours! Please email if you have questions.
  • If you are not available to pick up on certain dates (or get someone to pick up your share for you), please consider donating your Ugly CSA share to 412 Food Rescue for one of our nonprofit partners! Shares MUST be picked up by the end of the time slot listed for your pickup neighborhood.
  • Awesome! Please put the name of the second household or persons who will be picking up the share.
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