Chrissy and Ashley Are Running to Help Change the World

By February 15, 2019August 4th, 2022Article

Chrissy and Ashley, both Slippery Rock University grads, share why they’re running as Marathon Heroes this year!

How did you hear about 412 Food Rescue?

This is Chrissy’s 5th half marathon, and she has always been passionate about running for a charity. She ran the Pittsburgh half in 2016 and it has been her favorite race, so Ashley decided to pick this one as her first half marathon as a personal fitness goal for the year. When looking at which charity to run for, we researched charities that aligned with our own lifestyle and values. 412 Food Rescue was everything that we try to promote in our everyday life. We try to live a zero waste lifestyle and do what we can to cut down on food waste. This organization seemed like it was just calling our names to help promote it!

What compelled you to run with us this year?

Ashley: I love the idea that 412 Food Rescue helps out the community in the area. My full time job is working for the Y, which is another nonprofit organization, so I am always invested in the community I serve in. When I heard about 412 Food Rescue, I knew it was the perfect non-profit organization that would help impact the community we are running in.
Chrissy: I am a firm believer that small acts of kindness lead to big impacts. When I read about what 412 Food Rescue is all about, I was very inspired by their work. One of our goals for this year was to live a more sustainable and zero waste lifestyle, and we want to support those who are equally passionate about it. I work in healthcare, and I am very focused on serving the community, particularly underserved populations. This was one more way I could give back to the community and fight food insecurity. We know we are only two individuals, but we look forward to opportunities to help change the world.

What are you most looking forward as being part of the Run for a Reason Charity Program and what would you say to someone who is considering  joining our team?

Ashley: I am excited to see the impact we will have. I am hoping it will open up other volunteer opportunities after the race and build a strong community that will help decrease hunger in the Pittsburgh area. I think people should join this team not only to help the community, but it will help yourself as well. I think it will make someone more aware of their own carbon footprint and decrease unnecessary waste and how to donate to help out others.
Chrissy: I am looking forward to connecting with other like-minded individuals who are passionate about helping the community and reducing food waste. There is strength in numbers, and I think it is very cool to unite with people from all over the country who come together to support a cause. There is room for personal growth as well. Since signing up as a marathon hero, we have pushed ourselves to look at other ways to be more sustainable and give back to the community. We hope that our fundraising efforts with 412 Food Rescue helps empower others to make strides in helping improve food security and show them how rewarding it is to step up to make a difference. If someone is looking for a way to make this world a better place and help support local communities through access to healthy food, they should become a Marathon Hero!

To register as a 412 Food Rescue Marathon Hero in this year’s Pittsburgh Marathon, click here!