Featured Donor: Paragon Foods

By May 12, 2017August 4th, 2022Food Donors


Hear from Shane Hall, Paragon Foods’ Director of Customer Relations, about why ending #foodwaste is so important!

Why is redirecting food surplus important to Paragon?

Obviously there are a lot of reasons for that – we don’t want food to go in the garbage. Sometimes, for odd reasons, we have a lot of food that we might not be able to sell that is still perfectly good, and we’d prefer that people who need the food would be able to get it. We partner with 412 because we like the service they offer – they get the product from us to the people who need it quickly. Because we [deal with] perishable products, it’s important to get it to the people quickly and you guys are great at getting it there.

What value has 412 Food Rescue provided to Paragon?

The biggest thing is that our stuff [is] perishable – fresh produce – it’s real important that it gets to the people quickly so they’re still able to use it, and usually within hours you have it out of here and on its way to people who can use the product.

If you could give someone one reason to volunteer with 412 Food Rescue, what would it be?

It’s a  simple way to help people who are less fortunate – it keeps food out of the garbage and into the hands of people who need it.