Featured Nonprofit Partner | Working Warrior Foundation

By January 17, 2019August 4th, 2022Article, Nonprofit Partners

Meet Mark Simon, Founder & Executive Director of Pittsburgh’s Working Warrior Foundation, one of 412 Food Rescue’s nonprofit partners!

Tell us a little bit about what Working Warrior Foundation does.

Our mission is Empowering Veterans to Succeed While Helping Businesses Thrive! We assist local veterans in the daily challenges they face. We have several programs that aid in feeding veterans and their family members, connecting veterans with employers, and teaching veterans life skills such as a trade, among others.

What is your role at Working Warrior Foundation?

Founder & Executive Director

What is your organization’s biggest challenge in terms of supporting food insecure individuals and families?

Reaching veterans in need. Many of the veterans we serve have transportation/mobility difficulties. If we had a refrigerated food truck we would be able to deliver food to veterans more efficiently.

What has been your favorite delivery since your partnership with us?

Every delivery is special and warms our hearts knowing we are making a difference in the lives of veterans and their families.

If you could give someone one reason to volunteer with 412 Food Rescue, what would it be?

That there are hungry people that could use the excesses of food and we can connect the two.

Anything else you’d like to add?

Our thanks for all that 412 Food Rescue does to end food waste while helping feed our veteran community. Also, that we are always looking for volunteers to help fulfill our mission.

To learn more about Working Warrior Foundation, click here.