Kuhn’s Market, our newest Food Donor Partner

We are thrilled to announce an exciting addition to the family of food donor partners on our 412 Food Rescue app.

Starting this week, we welcome Kuhn’s as a valuable contributor to our mission of reducing food waste and fighting hunger in our community.

At 412 Food Rescue, we believe in the power of collaboration and the strength of partnerships to create meaningful change. With Kuhn’s joining our ranks, we are taking another significant step towards achieving our shared vision of a community without food insecurity.

As a renowned local food supplier, Kuhn’s participation will enable us to rescue even more surplus food and redirect it to those who need it most here in Pittsburgh. Alongside our volunteers, they will play an important role in combating food waste and help to further address the persistent issue of food insecurity around us.

Through our 412 Food Rescue app, volunteers will have the intuitive platform to seamlessly claim a rescue of their donated surplus food starting with their Banksville Rd. location every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.ย Our network of dedicated volunteers will have the opportunity to take these donations and deliver them to local nonprofit organizations in the Dormont neighborhood, where they will directly benefit individuals and families in need.

By working collaboratively, we hope to scale this partnership to all local Kuhn’s locations in the future. With everyone’s help, we can amplify our impact and make a significant difference in the lives of those facing food insecurity.

We extend our warmest welcome to Kuhn’s! We encourage everyone to download the 412 Food Rescue app and stay tuned for updates on the amazing work we’ll accomplish together.

If you would like to learn more about Kuhn’s food rescues, please reach out to volunteer@412foodrescue.org. More updates to come with future locations being added as food donors.