Let’s Get Saucy!

By May 10, 2022May 16th, 2022Article

Credit: Chef Greg Austin, Good Food Project

It happens all the time – we buy berries for a recipe or some herbs to garnish a dish, and then face a moment of angst as those fresh, beautiful ingredients beg to be used, but we just cannot imagine, how!

Thanks to our culinary team at the Good Food Project, led by Chef Greg Austin, here’s a way to use these kinds of fabulous ingredients to heighten your senses, your next recipe or even explore a new special beverage!

Key Ingredients: Any berries / herbs that might be on the edge in your fridge…

Berry & Herb Compote

3 c fresh or frozen berries
¾ c granulated or cane sugar
3 tbsp lemon, lime, or orange juice
Handful of fresh herbs, whole

  1. In a small saucepot, coat berries (any berry will do!) in sugar and let sit at room temperature for 10 minutes.
  2. Place on stovetop at medium heat, stirring occasionally until grains of sugar are completely dissolved and juice begins to pool beneath the berries.
  3. Increase heat to bring mixture just to a boil… add the tbsp of citrus juice, and once boiling resumes, drop the heat to a simmer.
  4. Simmer until the mixture begins to look like syrup, with the structure of the fruit starting to break down. It will take on a shine, and will stick heavily to a spoon when ready, Probably around 20-30 minutes for the amount in this recipe.
  5. As you remove from heat, and while it’s still hot; add your handful of herbs, stems and all, stirring them in gently. Keeping the stems on will help you remove them later. I prefer mint, but rosemary, thyme, or sage could work great.
  6. Let cool, removing herbs (lift by the stems with tongs or a fork) after about 10 minutes. Transfer to a refrigerable container. Keep no longer than 2 weeks.

How to use:

  • Drizzle over ice cream, cake or use as a dip for freshly baked cookies
  • Add a dopple on pancakes, on the side of a cheese plate, or just spread as an elegant jam on toast
  • Marinade proteins for an extra tasty main dish
  • Incorporate into seltzer, soda or even jazz up your daily water source

Here’s to  #ZeroWaste and enjoying all that fresh ingredients can offer!!