New Food Donor: UPMC Montefiore

By March 8, 2024March 11th, 2024Food Donors

412 Food Rescue is excited to onboard UPMC Montefiore as a new food donor!

UPMC Montefiore joins 412 Food Rescue in their commitment to reduce food waste by partnering as a new food donor with the food rescue organization.

During their first week of rescues this month, they donated a total of 310 lbs of food from their Patient Services department!

This new partnership with UPMC Montefiore is a part of an ongoing initiative between 412 Food Rescue and UPMC to help increase their sustainability system-wide. 412 Food Rescue is currently working with UPMC to onboard more locations throughout the Pittsburgh region, helping them to reduce food wasted on their campuses and instead redirect it to nearby community organizations and local nonprofits.

UPMC Montefiore is one of our last UPMC hospitals to be onboarded! This has been a wonderful partnership between 412 Food Rescue and UPMC to help reduce food waste and redistribute it back to the community. The rescues with UPMC Montefiore are live on the app so sign up today!

We look forward to our continued work with UPMC Montefiore, and are excited to leverage this partnership to not only reduce food waste, but increase food access in the Greater Pittsburgh region!

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