Much like combining water, hops, and barley results in a perfect brew, the PA Brewery Running Series blends fitness, community spirit, and philanthropy to create something truly special.

Since 2022, the PA Brewery Running Series has partnered with 412 Food Rescue, donating a portion of the proceeds from their local 5k-ish fun run to support our mission to prevent perfectly good food from entering the waste stream by redirecting it to those who are experiencing food insecurity.

Through this collaboration, they have raised nearly $2,500, helping to create a significant impact in the community! This amount directly funds nearly 7,500 meals for those in need, mitigating over 20,000 pounds of CO2 emissions in the process.

Our favorite thing about the events is connecting in the community.  We have met so many wonderful people who work at the breweries, the participants are incredible, we’ve had some really fun partners like the kids from School of Rock and different vendors/artists.   We truly love chatting everyone up about their journey over a local beer and sharing the excitement of crossing the finish line whether you walk, run, skip, or push a stroller.

I had been following 412 Food Rescue for a while and thought it was such a great mission to prevent perfectly good food from going to waste and getting it into the hands of people who need it.  Once I started to see local brewery collaborations for beers & ciders from rescued food, I thought it was so unique and interesting.  I knew it was a match meant to be for our Beer Runs!  Not only have we been able to donate financially from our events, we have also had some of our other event partners make food and beverage donations, and both myself and my mom have done several food rescues.  You really make it so easy with the app!

412 Food Rescue has been the epitome of a partner.  We truly appreciate the staff, your volunteers, and all of the food rescue heroes out there! 

-Alyssa Gruber
Co-owner at PA & FL Brewery Running Series

The PA Brewery Running Series: More Than Just a Run

The PA Brewery Running Series is not your average 5k. It’s a fun run that combines the thrill of running with the joy of exploring Pennsylvania’s finest breweries. Participants get to enjoy a scenic run, indulge in some of the best craft beers, and connect with fellow runners and beer enthusiasts. The events are designed to be inclusive and fun, catering to all levels of runners—from beginners to seasoned marathoners.

Each run is held at a different brewery, offering a unique experience every time. Runners can savor a post-run beer, enjoy food from local vendors, and partake in brewery tours and live music. It’s a celebration of fitness, community, and local craft beer, all rolled into one fantastic event.

Supporting 412 Food Rescue: Running with Purpose

By participating in the PA Brewery Running Series, runners are not just signing up for a race—they’re joining a movement. They’re helping to rescue food, feed families, and protect the environment. This partnership is a testament to the power of community-driven initiatives and the difference we can make when we come together.

If you haven’t experienced the PA Brewery Running Series yet, now is the time to lace up your running shoes and join the fun. Whether you’re a seasoned runner or a casual jogger, there’s a place for you in this vibrant community. Enjoy a scenic run, savor some of the best craft beers, and know that every step you take is making a difference.

The upcoming runs that directly support 412 Food Rescue are:

June 8 – SlyFox, The Highline

Sept 7 – Strange Roots, Millvale

Oct 12 – Inner Groove, Verona

We’re also in need of some Ambassadors for these events! If you’re interested in spreading the word about 412 Food Rescue to the runners who may not yet know about the organization, please sign up here

To learn more about these upcoming runs and other opportunities (like the Beer Mile & Summer Beer Olympics at Velum, benefitting the Pennsylvania Special Olympics!), visit the PA Brewery Running Series website. Together, let’s run, sip, and make a positive impact in our community.

Thank you to the PA Brewery Running Series for their unwavering support and to all the runners who have participated and contributed to our mission. Here’s to many more miles, more beers, and more meals for those in need! Cheers!

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