The 412 Food Rescue app Builds Walkable Food Rescues for “Pitt Food Recovery Heroes”

By November 3, 2022November 8th, 2022Featured Volunteers

The relationship between 412 Food Rescue and the University of Pittsburgh has been strong for many years. We have 7 active locations on the Pitt campus including the Forbes Market, Posvar Hall, Clapp Hall, Litchfield Towers, and more. Since January, 2022, over 18,000 lbs of food has been recovered from Pitt’s campus to benefit nearly 40 local nonprofits.

Blossoming out of the availability of donated food and the tenacity of their student run groups, Pitt Food Recovery Heroes was born. 

For several years, students have been able to organize food rescues in partnership with 412 Food Rescue, maintaining the dynamic throughout rolling student participation each school year. This year, Gal Yovel, an honors college student, is spearheading the Pitt Food Recovery Hero group to restart this amazing food rescue program on campus. 

Each week on Tuesday and Thursday, the Pitt Food Recovery Hero student group uses the 412 Food Rescue app to complete “walkable food rescues.” They transport excess food from Forbes St. Market to the Pitt Pantry. The last group of students completed this food rescue 32 times in a school year and saved over 3,000 lbs of food from going to waste! 

We cannot wait to see what positive impact this year’s students will have on food insecurity, climate, and beyond!

If you’d like to organize food recovery at your university, let’s talk! We are part of the Food Rescue Hero Network, with 15 partner organizations around the country!