412 Food Rescue Hosts Second Annual Food Rescue Conference 2023 – A Global Gathering to Tackle Hunger & Food Waste

By October 3, 2023Events

412 Food Rescue, a leading force in the fight against food waste in Pittsburgh, is thrilled to be hosting the upcoming Food Rescue Conference 2023 presented by Food Rescue Hero™, scheduled to take place on October 12-13. This dynamic event promises to bring together a diverse array of industry leaders, from notable nonprofits and food system advocates to retail and healthcare professionals, to explore barriers to food access and innovative solutions within food recovery.

About the Conference:

The Food Rescue Conference 2023 is not just an event; it’s a collaborative movement towards creating a more sustainable future.

As the pilot partner of the Food Rescue Hero™ Network, 412 Food Rescue is proud to bring together other organizations of the network in-person to Pittsburgh for an exclusive member-only portion of the event.

The main conference is accessible to a global audience virtually during the two days of informational sessions. This virtual format, in addition to recorded sessions being available to registrants after the event, ensures that everyone – regardless of their location – can be part of this transformative conversation.

What to Expect:

Innovative Solutions: Join us as we delve into cutting-edge solutions to rescue and redistribute food effectively. The conference will showcase the latest technologies, strategies, and initiatives that are reshaping the landscape of food access.

Success Stories: Hear inspiring success stories from the front lines of food rescue. Discover how individuals and organizations are making a tangible impact in their communities and beyond, and learn how you can adopt similar strategies into your own operations.

Tangible Takeaways: Gain actionable insights and strategies that you can implement immediately. Whether you’re looking for ways to enhance your organization’s existing food recovery operations, bolster support from funders & community volunteer involvement, or broaden food procurement & distribution through local partnerships, the conference will provide tangible takeaways to drive positive change.

Collaboration: The Food Rescue Conference 2023 is ultimately a platform for collaboration. Connect with like-minded professionals, share ideas, and explore opportunities for partnership. Together, we can amplify our impact and create lasting change.

Who Should Attend:

YOU! Whether you’re a seasoned nonprofit leader, a forward-thinking business owner, or a passionate community volunteer, there’s a place for you at the Food Rescue Conference. The virtual format opens the doors to everyone, making it a truly inclusive and accessible event.

How to Participate:


Be part of a global conversation that aims to reshape the way we think about food access and waste! Together, we can build a more resilient and equitable food system.