Giant Eagle and Pittsburgh Penguins Score BIG for 412 Food Rescue

By October 6, 2023Article, Food Donors

In the bustling heart of Pittsburgh, where the clatter of hockey sticks on ice and the hum of everyday life intertwine, a new season brings not just the promise of thrilling goals and incredible saves but a beacon of hope for those facing the harsh realities of hunger. As we at 412 Food Rescue eagerly await the unfolding of the 2023-2024 NHL season, we are thrilled to share the exciting news of an extraordinary partnership between Giant Eagle, the Pittsburgh Penguins, and our mission to combat food insecurity and waste.

For every save made by a Penguins goalie at home this season, our friends at Giant Eagle have pledged to donate $10 to 412 Food Rescue.

This generous commitment adds a new dimension to the upcoming season, transforming every exhilarating moment on the ice into a lifeline for those in need. This newfound synergy is a testament to the power of community collaboration.

Each $10 donation represents a step closer to ensuring that fresh surplus food, which might otherwise go to waste, finds its way to the tables of those experiencing food insecurity. The impact of this partnership extends far beyond the rink, touching the lives of countless Pittsburgh residents.

As we embark on this season of change and compassion, we extend our deepest gratitude to Giant Eagle and the Pittsburgh Penguins for their unwavering support. We look forward to witnessing not only the thrilling moments on the ice but also the positive impact that will resonate throughout our community. 

Here’s to a season of saving goals, scoring victories against hunger, and collectively creating lasting change. We are honored to be part of this extraordinary journey and eagerly anticipate a season that transcends the boundaries of sports to bring forth positive change in the lives of many.

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