August is “Make A Will Month”: Leaving a Legacy of Compassion to 412 Food Rescue

By August 7, 2023August 10th, 2023Article

As August unfolds, we are reminded of the importance of planning for our future and ensuring that our values and beliefs endure beyond our lifetime. “Make A Will Month” is a campaign dedicated to raising awareness about the significance of estate planning and the impact it can have on both loved ones and charitable organizations. In this blog post, we explore the reasons why making a will is essential and why leaving a gift to charity, like 412 Food Rescue, can be a meaningful way to leave a lasting legacy of compassion and support for the community.

Why Making a Will is Crucial:

Creating a will might seem like a daunting task, and many people put it off for various reasons. However, having a legally valid will is a critical step in safeguarding your wishes and ensuring that your assets are distributed as you desire. Here are some reasons why making a will is essential:

  1. Control Over Your Estate: A will allows you to decide how your assets, such as property, investments, and personal belongings, will be distributed among your beneficiaries. Without a will, state laws determine how your estate will be divided, potentially not aligning with your intentions.
  2. Protecting Loved Ones: Creating a will can ease the burden on your loved ones during an emotionally challenging time. It helps avoid conflicts over asset distribution and minimizes legal complexities.
  3. Appointing Guardianship: For parents, a will is an opportunity to appoint guardians for minor children, ensuring their care is entrusted to someone you trust.
  4. Charitable Giving: A will enables you to support causes close to your heart, such as 412 Food Rescue, by leaving a charitable gift.

The Impact of Leaving a Gift to 412 Food Rescue

412 Food Rescue is a charitable organization committed to fighting hunger and reducing food waste in communities. Our innovative proprietary technology platform directs volunteers to rescue surplus food from retailers, restaurants, and farms, and guides them to deliver the food directly to nonprofits and homes where people experiencing food insecurity already are. 

By including 412 Food Rescue in your will, you can leave a lasting impact on the community and contribute to a cause that aligns with your values. Here’s why leaving a gift to 412 Food Rescue is essential:

  1. Feeding the Hungry: Your gift will help 412 Food Rescue continue its mission to provide nutritious food to individuals and families facing food insecurity. By supporting our efforts, you contribute to alleviating hunger and improving the lives of those in need.
  2. Reducing Food Waste: 412 Food Rescue’s model not only addresses hunger but also fights food waste.  Food is the #1 material in landfills, and food waste is one of the leading causes of greenhouse gas emissions. By rescuing surplus food that would otherwise be discarded, we promote sustainable practices and environmental conservation.
  3. Creating a Lasting Legacy: Leaving a charitable gift to 412 Food Rescue allows you to create a legacy of compassion and generosity. Your impact will extend beyond your lifetime, positively affecting countless lives in the future.
  4. Inspiring Others: Your decision to include 412 Food Rescue in your will can inspire others in your community to do the same. By spreading awareness about 412 Food Rescue and the impact of charitable giving, you encourage a collective effort to address food insecurity and reduce waste.

August, being “Make A Will Month,” presents an opportunity for reflection and proactive planning for the future. Making a will is a crucial step in ensuring that your legacy and values endure. By including a charitable gift to 412 Food Rescue in your will, you can make a lasting impact on hunger and food waste while inspiring others to join the cause. Let this month be a reminder of the power each individual holds to create positive change and contribute to a better, more compassionate world.

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