Featured Donor: East End Food Co-op

By March 3, 2017August 4th, 2022Food Donors

Kate SafinHear from Kate Safin, East End Food Coop’s Interim Marketing & Member Services Manager, about why ending #foodwaste is so important!

Why is redirecting food surplus important to EEFC?

The Co-op strives for sustainability and zero waste, and redirecting surplus food helps us achieve both of those goals.

What value has 412 Food Rescue provided to EEFC?

412 Food Rescue helps get the fresh, healthy food from the Co-op into the community. There is incredible value in making what we have to offer accessible and available to more people, especially those who may not have as many opportunities to access fresh fruits and vegetables. A diet that includes nourishing whole foods is very transformative and leads to a healthier, happier community.

If you could give someone one reason to volunteer with 412 Food Rescue, what would it be?

Volunteering for 412 Food Rescue gives you a unique opportunity to serve Pittsburgh communities. You can connect with local retailers, non-profits, and neighbors and see how we are all linked and working together to support one another.