Featured Volunteer | Carrie Rose

By June 1, 2017August 4th, 2022Featured Volunteers

Hear from #foodrescuehero Carrie Rose about her experiences reducing #foodwaste and #hunger in Pittsburgh!

How did you first learn about 412 Food Rescue?

I learned about 412 Food Rescue in 2015 when my husband’s company was highlighting them in their publication.  Once I learned about 412, I was hooked!

Why do you volunteer?

There are so many reasons why I volunteer! A selfish reason is that I enjoy how I feel once I have done a food rescue. It is also so easy to volunteer!  But this is a cause that I firmly believe in, there is so much food being wasted and if we can do anything to ensure that it gets to a place where it will be put to good use; that’s a win-win situation in my mind. As an added benefit, I have gotten to know (and become friends with) the women that run this fabulous organization and I am so grateful for that.

Please let our readers know how you volunteer.

I have done a food rescue whenever I can! Also, I have been fortunate enough to have some additional free time and when I do, I have volunteered in the office in East Liberty. If you consider this volunteering, I ran the half marathon last year for the organization’s fundraising.

Has there been a highlight or a favorite moment since volunteering with us?

Can I say I have a couple? Any time I am able to take my children (ages 13,11 and 8) with me on a food rescue is  a highlight to me! Sharing the experience with them and teaching them to give back is awesome. Doing a rather large food rescue from Target to South Side was another incredible experience. People recognizing the 412 Food Rescue shirt and cheering me on during the half was also pretty cool!

If you could give someone one reason to volunteer with 412 Food Rescue, what would it be?

How about two? 1) You’ll feel great after you volunteer & 2) It’s so easy to do!