412 Food Rescue | First-time #foodrescuehero Andrew Gibson rescues from the Pittsburgh Marathon

By May 31, 2017August 4th, 2022Article

What made #foodrescuehero Andrew Gibson complete his FIRST EVER RESCUE at the Pittsburgh Marathon?

What made you decide to volunteer?

I had read about 412 a few weeks ago through a link on social media and I really liked the concept. It was one of those ideas that seems so obvious once someone tells you about it; of course there’s a ton of hunger, and a ton of wasted, good food. Why not pair up these problems and fix both at once? Unfortunately, my work has me out of town a lot so this was the first weekend I had a chance to volunteer my time to 412 and I just decided to go for it.

Tell us a little about your rescue.

The traffic getting over to the pickup site at the point was a bear, but everything was pretty straightforward – load up as much food as possible into my car, head out, drop it off. It was as smooth as it could possibly be once I got there, and there was plenty of help at the drop-off point.

If you could give one reason to volunteer, what would it be?

I like the idea that I can make even a small difference in the world. I think it’s really important to acknowledge how blessed my life is, even with all the ups and downs of being an adult with a job and responsibilities, and to give back a little bit. For me, it’s just committing to being more intentionally selfless.