Latika Davis-Jones’ reason for running

By May 26, 2017August 4th, 2022Article

We wanted to know why #marathonhero & top fundraiser, Latika Davis-Jones, chose to run on behalf of 412 Food Rescue in the Pittsburgh Marathon.

Individually, Latika has raised $1,685. As a family, the Jones’ have raised $1,945 to support our mission to #endhunger and #endfoodwaste.

Why did you choose to run with us?

My family (brother, Maurice Jones [left], and son, Maurice Jones III [right]) and I ran on the behalf of 412 Food Rescue because we believe in the mission of ending food waste and hunger! In my early professional career…I oversaw an after school program in a public housing community. The organization I worked for didn’t have the resources to pay for snacks and meals, so rescuing food was my creative way of supplementing our program budget with in-kind food/snacks donations. I also personally identify with the organization because when I was young girl my family had issues with food security. I wish that organizations like yours was existed back then. Lastly, I ran for your organization because I knew my family and friends would support an effort to end hunger!

What were your thoughts after your run?

I was happy to have completed my 4th half marathon and I was also excited for my brother who participated for the first time on a marathon relay team. I was proud that my family, friends, and I raised a lot of money for your amazing organization. We could not wait to get home to get showered…we all took long naps afterwards.