Popeye’s “Serving with Love”

By September 26, 2023Article, Food Donors

Food insecurity impacts every community, even our own. Popeyes Restaurants are taking action against hunger in communities which they operate through their “Serving with Love” initiative.

Launched in 2023, "Serving with Love," focuses on directing a percentage of funds raised in-restaurants to local nonprofits who are providing food to those who need it in their communities, through the "Food Love" Grants program.

With the launch of the Popeyes Foundation's "Food Love" Grants program, we are providing food to those who truly need it. Support ranges from out-of-school meals for youth, mobile food programs for the elderly, to food- related resources for frontline workers during a natural crisis. The Popeyes Foundation is honored to partner with local Popeyes teams to continue giving back to Popeyes communities."

Renee HobbsExecutive Director, Popeyes Foundation

412 Food Rescue is thrilled to be a part of the Popeyes Foundation inaugural “Serving with Love” initiative. Generous support from the Popeyes Foundation is supporting our Good Food Project, which utilizes bulk surplus food to create heat-and-eat freezer meals for the Pittsburgh community.

Each Good Food Project meal is crafted by our chef team and volunteers. Once prepared, each meal is housed in compostable packing and delivered to over 12 regional non-profit partners, who then distribute the meals in their communities. By partnering with community organizations for meal distribution—such as subsidized daycare centers, veteran and senior centers, and low-income housing sites—we are meeting those who are experiencing food insecurity where they are, allowing these vulnerable populations to access healthy meals without facing the barrier of transportation and time.

The Millvale Community Library has been lucky enough to partner with 412 Food Rescue's Good Food Project to keep our Free Fridge freezer stocked since we began that program approximately 3 years ago. During that time, we've regularly received 40-60 frozen meals weekly. Free Fridge users range from families big and small, single adults, homeless individuals and teens. We are also servicing a growing population of immigrant and refugee families, including folks from Africa, Afghanistan, the Ukraine, Turkey and more. We are genuinely appreciative of this partnership and hope to continue in the years to come!?

Melissa MasonExecutive Director, Millvale Community Library

As of 2021, 10.1% of the population in Southwestern Pennsylvania faces food insecurity. In Allegheny County alone, this equals more than 114,250 people. Additionally, more than 61% of the population is below the SNAP and other Nutrition Programs threshold of 200% poverty.

In a recent study conducted by Feeding America, it was reported that 66% of respondents had to choose between food and medical care. More so, 79% of respondents said that they purchase inexpensive unhealthy food and 40% watered down food or drinks to help extend their budget.

412 Food Rescue is in a unique position to combine civic engagement and technology to take action against hunger in our communities. 

Our Food Recovery Operations is powered through dedicated volunteer drivers, who are alerted to available rescues through our platform, Food Rescue Hero. Our technology supports food recovery logistics and equips volunteer drivers with an app that makes taking action against hunger and food waste easy and convenient, with step-by-step, real-time guidance.

Food Rescue addresses not only food insecurity, but also nutrition insecurity. Fresh food makes up only 10-15% of national food donations to people in need, but 52% of food that goes to waste are vegetables—food that is difficult to access for those in poverty. 

Because food rescued by local Food Rescue Heroes is going directly from retailer or restaurant to a nonprofit partner, with no warehouse in between, more than 80% of food we redistribute is fresh food including fruits, vegetables, dairy, prepared foods, and bread!

How can you take action to fight hunger in our community?