A Recipe for Community Good

In a heartwarming collaboration that exemplifies the power of teamwork and community spirit, the Pittsburgh Pirates, Giant Eagle, and 412 Food Rescue recently joined forces to make a meaningful impact on the lives of local families experiencing food insecurity.

At the center of this inspiring initiative was Pirates pitcher Colin Holderman, who not only shared his mom’s favorite recipe but also played an important role in gathering ingredients and delivering 100 bags of groceries to North Hills Community Outreach, one of the 410 nonprofit distribution partners reached on a monthly basis by the Food Rescue Hero volunteer network. We want to additionally share a special thank you to 412 Food Rescue volunteer, Andrea Dodasovich, for helping during this exciting event.ย 

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Beyond food

Colin Holderman, known for his prowess on the pitcher’s mound, generously shared his mother’s cherished recipe, a recipe that goes beyond just food; it embodies the essence of family, tradition, and love. His gesture resonated with our mission to provide not only nourishment but also a sense of community and togetherness.ย 

In our dedicated mission to reduce food waste, alleviate hunger, and uphold the principle of food dignity, every act of kindness and generosity, such as Holderman’s heartfelt gesture, serves as a meaningful catalyst for positive change.

This collaboration comes as we near the end of the Pirate Giant Eagle Advantage Card program, a fantastic opportunity for Pirates fans to score big savings on tickets by simply using their Giant Eagle Advantage Card. Cardholders have been able to snag tickets for select Pirates home games at up to half the regular price. And with every ticket sold through this program, a portion of the proceeds goes to support the mission of 412 Food Rescue. It’s a win-win for fans and a reminder of how important giving back is for everyone in our community.

The Power of Partnerships

Partnerships are at the heart of our mission’s success and we cherish the many organizations who align with our work and help to amplify our outreach. This collaboration exemplifies how the combined efforts of community leaders, businesses, and nonprofits can create a positive and lasting impact.ย 

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“Two Timin’ Pasta” has shown us that even in the world of professional sports, the true measure of an athlete’s greatness lies not only in their performance on the field but in their willingness to give back to the community. Colin has ignited a chain reaction of generosity, proving that when individuals, businesses, and nonprofits come together, we can make a lasting impact on the lives of those in need. As we savor the flavors of this heartwarming story, let us also reflect on the many ways we can contribute to transform food rescue efforts and strengthen the bonds that unite our community.

Take Action:

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