We’re back! 412 Food Rescue’s Good Food Project Returns to Millvale Food + Energy Hub

By December 29, 2023Article

We are thrilled to share some exciting news: 412 Food Rescue’s Good Food Project has finally returned to its home at the Millvale Food & Energy Hub! The journey back has been a remarkable one, filled with challenges, resilience, and unwavering community support.

As many of you know, a fire at the beginning of 2023 forced us out of our beloved space, and we found ourselves temporarily displaced for the majority of the year. 

We can’t express how thrilled we are to get back into the swing of things in Millvale. The familiar sights, sounds, and energy of our original home were calling us, and we have been having so much fun immersing ourselves once again in the heart of this vibrant community.

A special note of gratitude goes out to our temporary hosts during this transitional period: Allegheny Health Network’s Suburban Campus in Bellevue and Christ Lutheran Church in Millvale. Your generosity and support provided us with a safe haven and allowed our essential programs to continue serving the community without extended misfortune.

Speaking of programs, our grocery bagging initiative will continue at Christ Lutheran Church into 2024. This extension ensures that our services remain accessible and uninterrupted for those who rely on them.

And to our dedicated volunteers who stood by us during this time, we extend a warm invitation to rejoin us at the Millvale Food and Energy Hub. Your passion and commitment are the driving force of our organization, and we can’t wait to have you back with us!!

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